Monday, July 11, 2016

Raspberry Lemonade

If life gives you lemon's, make lemonade! 

Lemonade in America is different to lemonade in Australia. In Australia we generalise 7UP, Kirks Schweppes, Sprite and Woodroofe as Lemonade. In America Lemonade is different to these, if you want lemonade that we are used to in Australia you need to specifically ask for 7UP or Sprite - Does that make sense? Lemonade in America is much like a cordial to Aussie. It is not fizzy or carbonated, it is very pleasant to drink and very refreshing on a hot day (not that we get many of those here in Seattle).  One of the things I like about making Lemonade from scratch is that you can add any other flavours you want to it. Below is my recipe I have tweaked with to the taste my family likes, if you want to leave it as a natural lemonade just leave out the raspberries. 

    Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry syrup

1 cup Raspberries
½ cup sugar

Sprinkle sugar over the top of the raspberries and lightly squash with a fork, just to break them up a little bit. Set aside.

Lemonade (syrup)
1 cup Lemon Juice
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Water

To serve
6-8 cups Cold Water/Soda Water

Place all 1 cup water, the lemon juice and sugar in a saucepan and boil on stove top for approx 15-20 min. Mixture will reduce slightly and become a syrup. This is when it is ready. Let cool slightly

In a jug, place the lemon syrup, and add 6-8 cups of cold water or soda water (adjust to your taste) stir in the Raspberry syrup mix – I add one table spoon at a time until I get the desired taste I want. Add ice, sprigs of mint and thin slices of lemon and serve. Great on a hot summer day and very refreshing! 

Drink up!


  1. Yum!
    Hong Kong uses the same definitions for lemonade as the US which has caused us a world of confusion over the years.
    If raspberries weren't so darn expensive here I'd be making this in a heartbeat! Looks divine!
    I'm going to try making just the straight lemonade though. That'll work too right?